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What: "Welcome to Ramallah" by Jewish playwrights Sonja Linden and Adah Kay tells the tale of a Palestinian man (Daoud) in love with a Jewish woman (Mara). Along with his uncle Salim and her sister Nat, the four of them are trapped in an apartment in Ramallah in the West Bank. They are forced to confront the painful history of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict and how it affected their families throughout the generations as well as their troubled love for each other.

When: 7 Sept 2012 - 30 Sept 2012, Fridays and Saturdays @ 8:00 pm, Saturday matinee @ 2:00 pm

Where: Swedenborgh Hall, 1531 Tyler Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to Ramallah opens tonight, Friday, 7 Sept 2012

The movie "My Neighborhood" (re: Palestinian family forced out of their home as seen through the eyes of a young boy) opened in San Francisco last week.  We hear daily reports of the Israeli-Palestinian border issues, some good, some bad.  A solution may be years away, but the conversation is front and center.  The play "Welcome to Ramallah" is therefore timely in discussing this key international topic.  The playwrights Sonja Linden and Adah Kay have tackled this tough conversation with compassion, love and understanding.  Take a moment to see this intelligent, gripping play.

Here are the actors hard at work.

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  1. Great Opening Night! Realizing that this play creates a need for conversation in most who see it, please feel free to post your comments here. "Welcome to Ramallah" is a respectfully done play and we'd like your comments to mirror that respect. Thanks.